AC/DC‘s Brian Johnson and Angus Young say they heard about the arrest of drummer Phil Rudd the same as everyone else — when it made the news.

Johnson was in his London hotel room having a cup of coffee before catching a flight home to Florida when he saw it on the news. “Me jaw dropped,” says Johnson. “We really didn’t know anything about this. Honestly, it took us as much by shock as anybody else.”

And Angus, in a hotel in Copenhagen, says his wife Ellen woke him and said, “Phil’s in trouble. Big trouble.” He adds that he thought he was dreaming.

Rudd was arrested on a murder-for-hire charge, which has since been dropped, as well as drug possession. He is due back in a New Zealand court at the end of the month.

We told Johnson about the increase in digital sales for “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” following Rudd’s arrest and he exclaimed, “You’re [bleeping] kidding me?” The song saw a 21-percent increase in sales.

Angus and Brian, along with producer Brendan O’Brien, made a surprise appearance Tuesday night in New York at a listening party for the new AC/DC album, Rock or Bust, which will be out on December 2nd.