The second date on this summer’s Moody Blues tour had them playing in Niagara, New York — which brought back a particular memory for bass player John Lodge, who recounted a story to us about visiting the falls in 1969.

They were on tour that November with Humble Pie supporting when they decided to charter a bus and have both bands visit the falls. But when they got there, they were closed. For years Lodge could never explain why — until the show there earlier this month. During an off-day he went to the Niagara Falls History Museum and discovered that the water was diverted in 1969 in order for engineers to reduce erosion to the falls.

We reached out to former Humble Pie guitarist Peter Frampton, but he tells us, “I don’t remember this. Maybe I didn’t go. [Humble Pie drummer] Jerry [Shirley] might have gone.” So we asked Jerry, who tells us, “All we COULD see was the funny side of not being able to see one of the seven wonders of the natural world due to what we thought was bad weather! Mind you it was our very first trip to the good old U.S. of A. and we were awestruck by just about everything. So not seeing it because we thought there was too much water in the air is in itself quite funny, if the actual truth is that we didn’t see it because the opposite was indeed true.”