No More Tull?


 JETHRO TULL: No More Says Anderson  




Ian Anderson has a new album out today. Homo Erraticus is his second solo effort outside of Jethro Tull since 2012 and, like he told us last year, it looks as though Tull will no longer record.

In the liner notes to Erraticus he writes, “The huge body of work that is the Jethro Tull catalog stands firm close beside me and in good stead… But I think I prefer, in my twilight years, to use my own name for the most part, being composer of virtually all Tull songs and music since 1968.” The last Tull studio release was a Christmas album in 2003.

Anderson hits the road at the end of the month in support of the new album, with U.S. dates starting in August.

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