Little River Band co-founder Glenn Shorrock has written Jimmy Fallon to protest the current LRB lineup being booked on The Tonight Show.

He tells Australia’s the note ended, “If you do decide to put them on the show just pass on my message ‘to go [bleep] yourselves.'”

Though Shorrock says he doesn’t mind the lineup of guys who weren’t on the hit records “doing their business,” he’s advised his music publisher to not give the current Little River Band permission to perform songs on TV that he and partners Beeb Birtles and Graeham Goble wrote.

That is his legal right. Phil Spector has used that same tactic on songs he legally controls to prevent his ex-wife Ronnie from performing “Be My Baby” on TV and in theatrical productions.

The problem stems from none of the group’s founders taking out the trademark on Little River Band. Stephen Housden, who joined in 1981 did. He’s no longer in the band — and instead licenses it out to the current players. Shorrock says, “He just sits back in Ireland and takes the money.”

Housden also barred Shorrock, Goble and Birtles from even billing themselves as Little River Band. So instead of the founders being able to promote the band’s 40th anniversary, the current “faux” lineup is doing so. Shorrock says, “They are using all of our statistics to further their own nest.”

The licensed but non-original Little River Band is scheduled to appear on Monday night’s Tonight Show.