Meat Loaf isn’t happy with today’s recording stars — and expects few to have the kind of long career he’s enjoyed.

The Bat Out of Hell star tells Ireland’s Independent newspaper, “Nobody lasts long these days. This is a very strange time in the music business. When I was growing up music was very important in a person’s life. You used to judge moments in time by music, now you don’t. Most of the artists today won’t be around in 40 years.”

He says the difference is the caliber of songs, adding, “You don’t have the song quality of a Springsteen or a U2 or a Sting or a Bon Jovi or a Jim Steinman.”

Meat seems a lot more excited about making movies these days. Rumors have him connected to a Whoopi Goldberg project titled TCB Baby, but nothing’s nailed down on that yet.