The Beatles have been named America’s Favorite Band in a new Harris Poll. The data was gathered using information from an online poll that took place last month asking, “Who is your favorite singer/musician or band?” More than 2,300 people over the age of 18 participated. Following the Fab Four, their favorites were:

2) Elvis Presley

3) Beyoncé

4) Led Zeppelin

5) George Strait

6) Bruno Mars

7-tie) Neil Diamond, Eagles, Celine Dion and Garth Brooks

Harris conducted the same poll in 2010, and that year U2 took the top spot with The Beatles and Elvis tied for third.

Last weekend’s Hollywood Bowl tribute to the 50th anniversary of The Beatles’ 1964 appearance there was a critical disaster. Many felt the line-up of Dave Stewart, Billy Ray Cyrus, Michelle Branch and Martina McBride was a D-list at best with one concert-goer saying, “Y’all should be ashamed of yourselves for presenting the worst show imaginable! Was that really the best y’all could do? Dave Stewart, his kids, Billy Ray, Martina (who has an amazing voice but not for this venue), and all the other unnamed singers! We’ve been going there for years and will be back, but y’all should publicly apologize for what y’all did Saturday night!”

And another one wrote, “I’d like to thank Dave Stewart for reminding everyone at the Hollywood Bowl how wonderful [his Eurythmics bandmate] Annie Lennox is! Yoko Ono is no longer public enemy number-one to Beatles fans. Dave Stewart is.”

And the Los Angeles Philharmonic also commented, saying, “We appreciate that the Hollywood Bowl has enthusiastic, engaged and loyal patrons. We take their comments to heart and are of course disappointed when any of our patrons are unsatisfied.”

280 Paul McCartney fans who got stuck in the horrible traffic jam outside of his August 14th show at San Francisco’s Candlestick Park show have signed a petition on demanding refunds because of the parking situation that kept them from getting a space and having to leave the show without getting in. The petition, which is addressed to Mayor Ed Lee, says, “We believe that a FULL REFUND should be given to the 5,000 plus people who purchased Paul McCartney 2014 OUT THERE TOUR tickets at Candlestick Park and could not get in… Gregg Perloff and Another Planet Entertainment as well as San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee should be held accountable for the negligent lack of planning for this event… It is unethical for them to profit from sales of this event when they were unable to competently manage access.”