With today (Friday) being the 45th anniversary of The Beatles‘ walk across Abbey Road in London for the cover photo of the Abbey Road album, we’ve just gotten word that city officials in London are thinking of installing a crossing guard there.

Ever since the album came out in September 1969, Beatle fans have been flocking to the crosswalk to recreate the famous photo, and it has caused traffic problems ever since. Westminster City councillor Lindsey Hall says, “It’s a residential area, and it’s not geared to receiving thousands and thousands of people — so it’s quite hard to get some tangible solutions. Obviously we don’t want to be spoil-sports — we are really proud of our musical heritage. I’ve set things in motion to have a lollipop lady or man there. They will act as the eyes and ears for us, and for when there’s double parking.”

The term lollipop refers to the round sign on a stick British crossing guards hold alerting pedestrians when it’s safe to cross.