One For Two.



 AC/DC: Rudd Goes One-for-Two




AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd has seen his two latest legal battles come to an end over the past few days, and he went one-for-two.

The first involved his attempt to renew his helicopter pilot license. In 2011, after the band’s Black Ice tour, Rudd bought himself a Hughes 500 chopper, but was denied the renewal of his license because it was believed he lied about “prior drug use to obtain a medical certificate to enable him to renew” it. But today in New Zealand, where he lives, Judge Louis Bidois ruled in Rudd’s favor, although he was suspicious of Rudd’s medical form answers. He said, “Suspicion is not enough and Mr. Rudd will get the benefit of doubt despite some shortcomings in his evidence.”

The other case didn’t go so well for Rudd who attempted to obtain “name suppression” to keep his name out of the media when it comes to his restaurant, Phil’s Place. A member of the Employment Relations Authority says Rudd used his name to promote the restaurant when he opened it in 2011 and saw no reason to suppress it. “His reputation cannot be marred by events he accepts are truthful,” says Tania Tetitaha of the Employment Relations Authority. “There are no exceptional circumstances or real risk to the administration of justice if this evidence were published.”

In 2007, Rudd plead guilty in New Zealand to common assault following an incident with his ex-girlfriend the previous March. And in 2011, a New Zealand judge threw out a 2010 drug conviction against Rudd. The judge claimed that having a record could have prevented him from continuing to tour with AC/DC.

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