So close… I always look at today as the “unofficial kick-off” to the weekend. It goes back to when I was in school. Everyone said, “Don’t take classes on a Friday…you’ll *never* go.” They were correct. I didn’t. And…I was thrown out of school.


In the spirit of non-participation, I give you today’s list of stupid stuff we talked about (and some we never got to…lazy!). Enjoy!

Had no idea this was even considered.

I always confuse her with Anne Heche & Gretchen Mol. 

No way? He seemed so stable.

This sucks. I wish they’d have done away with The Lone Ranger.

Who’s up for some 501-Cricket-301?

Without an education…you are nothing.

Wouldn’t this be a nuclear wedgie?

You can tell which are which fairly easily. They’re the ones flying really straight.

The real crime is; …the banks only gave her 75% of what they’d have given a male robber.

Well…it *was* “Mother’s Day.”


Jason Mraz, approves.

In other news…a 102-year old Brewers fan, tore her rotator cuff on may 31st.

Too. Soon.

Can I finish?

I haven’t watched an episode in probably ten years. No reason. Just haven’t.

It keeps getting creepier…

Tweet-a-pizza. I like that.

Sure…cut out the middle-man.

Time to play, “Ambulance, or Cabbie?”

This…is bad-ass!

Idiocracy, is real.


Thanks for listening! Enjoy your Thursday!