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 AEROSMITH: Woody Takes a Break From Cheers




Actor Woody Harrelson, who came to prominence as bartender Woody Boyd in ’80s sitcom Cheers, which was set in Boston, paid a visit to Beantown’s most famous band, Aerosmith.

He met up with them the other night at their show in Berlin. Joe Perry tweeted, “Woody Harrelson’s a hell of a guy. Aware of the changing world, but he’s trying to make the best of it.” Perry also posted two photos of him and Harrelson.

And speaking of Perry’s Twitter feed, he was asked, “Do all rockers end up looking like pirates when they grow older?” to which Perry answered, “I don’t know, but Steven Tyler’s trying his hardest, don’t you think, matey?”

Aerosmith perform in Poland on Thursday.

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