Opening Night Bladder buster….

Opening Night Bladder buster….

Usually the ladies lines at events are the worst!!! But the fans that attended the Cubs opener had to really test their bladder control.

The Chicago Cubs weren’t the biggest mess at Wrigley Field last night. The real mess was off the field at the iconic ball park where fans were forced to endure a severe shortage of available restrooms.

Wrigley Field is undergoing a $575-million renovation while the season is being played, thus turning the “Friendly Confines” into a not-so-friendly situation for fans who had to stand in long bathroom lines for up to an hour. Photos posted on social media showed crowds of desperate fans waiting in long lines while others couldn’t hold it in and were forced to urinate on walls or in beer cups.

The renovation is expected to be complete by the middle of the summer, so this problem could persist for a while. (Yahoo Sports)



Where did you leave your beer? Wait that’s not beer….lol