Origins and latest development of rock music

It’s interesting to know about one of the biggest music phenomenon of all times: rock music.

This kind of music emerged in US during the mid 1950s in Memphis, Los Angeles, Shreveport, New York Detroit and Baltimore, but also more smaller cities.

A bit of history

In the beginning, rock and roll included more styles and combined music rhythms from R&B, Blues, Country music and more.

However, the main feature of rock and roll was the bravery and personal charisma of the first singers, just like Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry. And probably, this was also the reason why rock music was attacked by the bitter criticism: radio stations often refused rock texts for their simplicity and crudity. Rock and Roll

So a generation gap developed between the young fans and the older music genres. In fact, rock music often had to face the risk of a hard censorship, again Elvis Presley was one of the most targeted artist of the new emerging music genre.

With time, the music style began to be more exclusively hard and singers and bands began to show original styles in clothing, jeans and black skin clothes were the most used up to the 1990s.

Current days

Today, rock music is a totally different music style, even though its origins still are into the history of rock and roll. Since 1970, rock music started to experiment more styles (punk, metal, …).

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