On July 5th it was announced that Pink Floyd would be releasing a new album this year and today (Monday) is the day. The Endless River is their first studio effort in 20 years with the bulk of it having been born out of the sessions for their last album, 1994’s The Division Bell.

Like The Division Bell, this new release features the three-man version of Floyd with singer-guitarist David Gilmour, drummer Nick Mason and the late keyboardist Rick Wright.

Gilmour tells us putting together this album required “a lot of effort,” but he feels it is “a valuable thing. I hope it will satisfy the longings of some of our fans to hear some of the stuff we had left over.” Mason on the other hand wasn’t too keen on revisiting The Division Bell sessions, telling us, “I couldn’t see that there was any mileage in revisiting stuff that we never released originally, which just goes to show you how wrong I can be.”

The Endless River contains 18 songs, 17 of which are instrumentals. The only track with vocals is the last one on the album, “Louder Than Words.”