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Randi’s Rock Report: Doors Guitarist Robby Krieger Reflects on “Break on Through”…

Released as The Doors’ first single in the U.S., it only got to number-126, missing the Billboard Hot 100. Its failure paved the way for their next single, “Light My Fire,” to “break on through” for the band. “Break on Through” was the first single of The Doors’ career and, initially, a flop. Robbie Krieger recalls that the song’s signature guitar riff was ... Read More »

Randi’s Rock Report: Elton John Reflects on His Show at The Troubadour…

Fifty years ago to the day, tomorrow, Tuesday, August 25th, 1970, Elton John gave his first U.S. performance the Troubadour club in West Hollywood, California, a show that he says “changed his life.” Elton John on his reluctance to play the Troubadour in August 1970. “I always wanted to come to America. I just thought we were earning such a ... Read More »

Randi’s Rock Report: Keith Richards Shares “Satisfaction”!

According to Bill Wyman, the guys who wrote “Satisfaction,” Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, weren’t sold on it being hit single material at the time. If that’s so, Richards has certainly changed his tune after playing it live for decades.  Keith Richards on the timelessness of “Satisfaction” in live performance. “I can play ‘Satisfaction’ today, or tomorrow, and still find new stuff ... Read More »

Randi’s Rock Report: Robert Plant Explains “Black Dog” as We Celebrate his Birthday Today!

Happy Birthday Robert Plant! So as you know, the title “Black Dog” has nothing whatsoever to do with the song’s lyrics. Led Zeppelin recorded parts of their fourth album at Headley Grange, a Victorian house in East Hampshire, England. Robert Plant explains that it was the experience of working there, not anything to do with the song’s lyrics, that led ... Read More »

Randi’s Rock Report: Ronnie Wood Reflects on Optimism & New ROLLING STONES Music…

Ronnie Wood says he’s doing his best to be optimistic during the pandemic, but admits he’s getting anxious to get back on the road, which is what The Rolling Stones were supposed to be doing this summer. Ronnie Wood on life during the pandemic. [Courtesy of Sky News] “We are sort of happily carrying on day by day chores and ... Read More »

Randi’s Rock Report: Roger Daltrey Reflects on Who Are You?

The Who’s “Who Are You” album was released 42 years ago today and Roger Daltrey recalls the two sides of recording both the album and single “Who Are You,.”  Who singer Roger Daltrey on “Who Are You” and its namesake album. “It was fun to make. We had terrible trouble with Keith [Moon]. It was in his last days and ... Read More »