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Body part adult men are most worried about

According to a recent TODAY/AOL body image survey, when it comes to physical imperfections, adult men and women worry most about 23 specific body parts.Perhaps most surprising of all, the body part that the largest percentage of both men and women surveyed worry most about is their stomachs! Also, both sexes worry about their skin second to most.Other major concerns for ... Read More »

Why Dogs Can Tell If You’re Happy

THEIR BRAINS ARE BUILT TO PAY SPECIAL ATTENTION TO OUR VOCAL SOUNDS, PROCESS EMOTIONS (NEWSER) – A first-of-its-kind study of dogs suggests that their brains are wired to key in on vocal sounds from humans and process our emotional states, reports Wired. The mutts then respond accordingly. Hungarian researchers used brain scans to show that a certain area of the dogs’ brains ... Read More »


Simon and Sting did 10 songs together as well as two sets each. Saturday night’s set list from Houston: Simon and Sting:Brand New DayBoy in the BubbleFields of Gold Sting:Every Little Thing She Does Is MagicEnglishman in New YorkI Hung My HeadDriven to Tears Simon and Sting:Love Is the Seventh WaveMother and Child Reunion Simon:Crazy LoveDazzling Blue50 Ways to Leave ... Read More »

Some Commercials that people are buzzing about…

On Sunday, almost as many people will be watching the Super Bowl for the ads as they will be for the football. But according to a new study, the companies that put celebrities in their ads are wasting their money. The going rate for a 30-second spot this year is $4 million – and celebrities can add as much as ... Read More »


Super Bowl parties are awesome because they’re all about food, drink, and football. Unfortunately, some parties are attended by annoying people that can take some of fun out of the affair. Here’s a rundown of some of the worst people to have at your Super Bowl party: Girl Who Wants to Put on Music – People who don’t like football might ... Read More »