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Pamela Anderson didn’t know Tommy Lee’s last name when they married

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Mötley Crüe‘s Tommy Lee married Pamela Anderson in Mexico in 1995 after only knowing her a few days. And in her new book, Love, Pamela, which is out now, Anderson reveals just how little they knew about each other. 

“On the flight home, I asked him what our last name was, and he said, ‘Lee,'” she writes in the book, according to the New York Post. “I said, ‘Oh, I thought it was Tommy Lee … something. Jones?'” (To be fair, he was born Tommy Lee Bass.)

Anderson says she was “in heaven” when she married Lee, noting she was “genuinely happy” and “lost in a sea of love.” Her mother, however, was “furious” with her. Writes Anderson, “She couldn’t believe I had gotten married, cried that she had always dreamed of being at her only daughter’s wedding.” 

The couple, who had two sons together, Brandon in 1996 and Dylan in 1997, divorced in 1998, with Anderson saying that their stolen sex tape and Lee’s 1998 arrest for spousal abuse doomed the relationship.

“Neither of us could forgive the other, deep down. We just weren’t equipped to get through it all,” she explains. “I loved to see him with his boys, but the four of us together forever was only a dream.”

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