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Paul McCartney debuts new 'McCartney III' trailer featuring preview of new song, "The Kiss of Venus"

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Paul McCartney, who recently announced that he was pushing back the release of his new studio album, McCartney III, from December 11 to December 18 because of production delays, has now debuted a second trailer for the record on his official YouTube channel.

The clip features a mix of home-movie and video snippets, archival photos and new footage, as McCartney reflects on working on his debut solo album, 1970’s McCartney, his 1980 McCartney II project and the new record, all of which he made almost completely by himself.

The video also features a segment of one of McCartney’s new songs, “The Kiss of Venus.”

As the clip begins, Paul notes about his stripped-down debut album, McCartney, “In the heat of The Beatles breaking up, I just wanted to get back to basics, so I thought, ‘Right, well I’m doing my own album.’ I love making music so much, I just didn’t want to stop. I had to just do something new, for fun.”

He then comments about the more-experimental McCartney II, “This was purposely to get things off my chest. This was gonna be total freedom. It was so pure.”

The trailer finally shifts to McCartney III, as it shows a recent video clip of McCartney preparing to head to his studio.

We then hear Paul’s daughter Mary, with whose family McCartney was staying while he made the new record, talking about how her father asked her to take the official photographs for the project.

She adds, “When Dad would come back from the studio, he would usually end up dancing around. Such brilliant memories.”

Meanwhile, an official McCartney III songbook featuring the piano, vocal and guitar arrangements for all the tracks and packaged with a CD of the album can be pre-ordered now.

By Matt Friedlander
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