Paul McCartney in Edmonton


Get qualified for the Classic Rock Flyaway to
Edmonton, Alberta to see PAUL MCCARTNEY,
brought to you by 100.7 KSLX and Sanderson Lincoln!

Listen weekdays at 7, 9 and 11AM, 2, 5 and 8PM
to win a limited-edition Mark and NeanderPaul t-shirt
and to qualify for the Grand Prize of a Classic Rock Flyaway
to see Paul McCartney in Edmonton!

This trip includes airfare from Phoenix to Edmonton,
2 nights in a hotel, 2 tickets to the show and
2 KSLX jackets because you’re going to freakin’ Canada!

From Sanderson Lincoln, and The Valley’s Classic Rock Station,
100.7 KSLX!


Come experience Lincoln Black Label Luxury from Sanderson Lincoln.

Official Rules