Pen Pal.


 GEORGE HARRISON: He Was Mike Myers’s Pen Pal




When George Harrison was losing his battle with cancer in the fall of 2001, who do you think was the recipient of his final letter: Paul McCartney? Ringo Starr? his sister Louise?

According to GQ magazine, the answer is “None of the Above.” Mike Myers says the last letter George wrote was to him.

In an interview for the magazine’s June issue, Myers recalled, “The letter came on the day of Austin Powers Three when we were shooting… the Hollywood movie version of Austin Powers’ life, as directed by Steven Spielberg, and it was the day George Harrison died… [When I received it] I cried like a baby.”

Myers, who has a dog named George Harrison, said the note thanked him for his movies which were “so much fun.” The Quiet Beatle was clearly an Austin Powers fan and mentioned he was sitting with a Doctor Evil doll… and noted he’d been “looking all over Europe for a mini-you doll.” He appreciated how Myers commented that both Austin Powers and Wayne’s World had been influenced by the playful, party-like spirit of The Beatles movie classic A Hard Day’s Night.

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