Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi has written a letter to Indonesian president Joko Widodo asking him to spare the lives of two Australians who were sentenced to death in 2006 for trying to smuggle heroin out of Indonesia.

Iommi, who has intervened because Widodo is a fan of heavy metal, writes, “I understand and respect your efforts to combat drug abuse in lndonesia, this is something that all countries are having to deal with. lndeed, I have seen firsthand the negative impacts that drugs can have on people and their families. That is why I understand your strong views on this issue… I appeal to you, as a forgiving man, to take note of their transformation. They are now reformed men who are making a positive difference to the lives of their fellow prisoners… Please allow them to serve out life sentences where they contribute to the well-being of lndonesia and make good for the error of their previous ways. I do hope you will consider this personal appeal.”