Despite Peter Frampton asking his fans not to take photos or shoot video of him at his show Sunday in Carmel, Indiana, that didn’t stop one moron down front. But Frampton did. First he turned his back on the audience and played that way for a while. But later on, during “Do You Feel Like We Do,” this one couple again took out their phones. When the song ended, Frampton walked over to the foot of the stage, and, smiling, said, “Hey, can I see that? Can I see the photos you’ve been taking?” The moron handed over the phone and that’s when Frampton turned around and flung the phone to the back of the stage while the audience cheered. Afterwards, Frampton commented on the incident, saying, “Many thanks to the eyewitnesses who came forward to explain how annoying ‘Team Distraction’ actually were. And not just to me, but everyone around them.”

Frampton’s tour continues tonight (Wednesday) in Wisconsin followed by Michigan on Thursday, Wisconsin again on Friday and Colorado on Sunday.