Pre Bon.


 AC/DC: Pre-School Uniform Release




Before forming AC/DC in November 1973, brothers Malcolm and Angus Young were featured on an album. Tales Of Old Grand-Daddy was recorded by the Marcus Hook Roll Band in 1973, which was the brainchild on their older brother, George Young, and his former bandmate from The Easybeats, Harry Vanda.

The album is being re-released in June, but George can’t remember too much about the sessions.He says, “We had Harry, myself and my kid brothers Malcolm and Angus. We all got drunk — except Angus, who was too young — and we spent a month in the studio boozing it up every night. It was the first thing Malcolm and Angus did before AC/DC. We didn’t take it very seriously so we thought we’d include them to give them an idea of what recording was all about.”

The CD features 15 songs, while the vinyl copy has 10.

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