Alice Cooper and Steve Hunter — his guitar partner with both Lou Reed and Alice during the mid-1970s — have posted Facebook comments about Dick Wagner, who died today (Wednesday) at 71.

Cooper calls Wagner “one of a kind” and “irreplaceable” and says they “shared as many laughs as [they] did hit records.” He also credits a lot of his solo success to their relationship — “not just on stage, but in the studio and writing. Some of my biggest singles were ballads that I wrote with Dick Wagner. Most of Welcome to My Nightmare was written with Dick. There was just a magic in the way we wrote together. He was always able to find exactly the right chord to match perfectly with what I was doing. I think that we always think our friends will be around as long as we are, so to hear of Dick’s passing comes as a sudden shock and an enormous loss for me, rock and roll and to his family.”

Hunter says that he and Wagner “had a thing when we played together like none other I’ve experienced…We hardly ever had to work anything out…we just did it and it was always right. It was truly a phenomenon. There was always mutual respect. After 1978 we went our separate ways but always stayed in loose touch.” He concludes, “The stuff we did together back in the ’70s was really and truly magical. With much love and respect, rest in peace my dear old compadre.”