Randi’s Rock Report: Doors Guitarist Robby Krieger Reflects on “Break on Through”…

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Released as The Doors’ first single in the U.S., it only got to number-126, missing the Billboard Hot 100. Its failure paved the way for their next single, “Light My Fire,” to “break on through” for the band. “Break on Through” was the first single of The Doors’ career and, initially, a flop. Robbie Krieger recalls that the song’s signature guitar riff was something he kind of borrowed from another future Rock and Roll Hall of Famer.

Doors guitarist Robby Krieger on where the musical idea for “Break on Through” came from.

“Tell you the truth, I got the idea for the whole beat of the song from a Paul Butterfield song — ‘Mellow Down Easy,’ I think that’s it, yeah. [Sings the riff] I’m sure he stole it from somewhere else, too, so I don’t care about that [Laughs]. And Butterfield was a friend of mine before he died, by the way. Great harp player.”

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