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Randi’s Rock Report: EVH – Sammy Hagar Reveals Recording Plans

Randi Van Halen

Sammy Hagar revealed something on Friday regarding his talks last year with Eddie Van Halen that he hadn’t previously mentioned — they discussed recording together again.

Sammy Hagar on reconciling last year with Eddie Van Halen.

“We did talk about doing a reunion, playing music again [and] even making a record in the next year and stuff. If it wouldn’t have been for that, I must say, I would have had a much harder time with his death. I mean I had a hard time as it was, don’t get me wrong. I still have a hard time thinking about that I’ll never play with Eddie Van Halen again. Because, I knew we would play together someday, even when we were at our odds after the ’04 reunion tour when we were just … you know, I just wanted to break his neck and he probably wanted, you know, kick me in the nuts.”

Sadly, the same can’t be said for Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony, who never made peace with Eddie.

Anthony wasn’t invited to join Van Halen’s 2007 reunion tour with David Lee Roth, having been replaced by Eddie son, Wolfgang. And, previous to that, when the band reunited for the 2004 tour with Hagar, Anthony was a hired hand, having signed away all of his rights to the band name and logo in order to participate. While Michael hasn’t spoken to Wolfie following his dad’s passing last October 6th, he says they have texted, and, he adds that he has spoken briefly to Van Halen drummer, Alex Van Halen.