Randi’s Rock Report: Guess Who 2021 Summer Tour Plans… Randy & Burton Discuss…

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Former Guess Who members Randy Bachman and Burton Cummings appear confident that there will be live music next summer. Their Bachman Cummings tour is now set for summer 2021.

Back in March, Bachman and Cummings seemed excited to be teaming up again, and sharing songs that helped define the late ’60s and ’70s. They’d originally planned to celebrate the 50th anniversary of “American Woman” having reached number-one, but due to the pandemic, it was one of many tours that were suspended. The tour will still combine Canadian and U.S. dates.

Burton Cummings says their songs have staying power.

These songs are signposts in peoples lives. Some of these songs are in peoples DNA. ‘Taking Care of Business,’ how many sports events have you been watching or attending and all of a sudden, the home team scores a goal or the home team wins and on comes ‘Taking Care of Business’.

Randy Bachman offers a tongue-in-cheek answer to why the duo scheduled just a few U.S. dates when announcing the tour.

“Well, we didn’t want to do too much, and wanted to see how it goes. As the momentum builds, our price goes up. [chuckle].”

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