Randi’s Rock Report: HBD Alex Lifeson! Geddy Lee Reflects on Limelight…

Alex Rush

“Limelight” was written at a time when Rush was finally beginning to taste success for the first time. Geddy Lee tells us the song reflects drummer and lyricist Neil Peart’s difficulty in coping with that fame.

Rush singer-bassist Geddy Lee on what Neil Peart was saying in “Limelight”’s lyrics.

”Alex and I have always adapted to the spotlight a little easier than Neil has. He’s a more intensely private person than Alex and I are. At the same time, we were all going through those feelings of coming to terms with the fact that we were starting to be successful and there were a lot more demands being made on our time. And we were trying to figure out the kind of success we wanted to have and the kind of band we wanted to be at that time. You’re preoccupied, unfortunately, with being successful at certain points of being successful and I think it came out in that song.”

Happy Birthday! Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson celebrates his 67th birthday on August 27th.

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