Randi’s Rock Report: HBD Joe Perry! Hear Joe Discuss Aerosmith’s “Eat The Rich”…

Joe Perry co-wrote “Eat the Rich” with Steven Tyler and Bryan Adams‘ songwriting partner Jim Vallance, who helped with the writing of a bunch of ’80s and ’90s Aerosmith cuts. Perry, whose contributions are generally musical, says he was never all that down with the idea of the song.

Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry wasn’t down with the idea of a song called “Eat the Rich.”

“I’m thinking, ‘How can Aerosmith do a song like this?’ I don’t think any of us are half as rich as people think we are, but we’ve definitely been able to earn a living doing this. Saying ‘Eat the Rich’ is kind of like us saying ‘eat me’. So I kind of had a little bit of a problem with that title, but I think the riffs made it right.”

Happy Birthday!! – Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry was born on September 10th, 1950.

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