Randi’s Rock Report: HBD Slash! Hear Slash Reflect on Nightrain!

Randi Rose

“Nightrain” is one of the many enduring cuts off Guns n’ Roses’ debut album, Appetite for Destruction. Slash tells us about writing it and what inspired its lyrics and Slash recalls that walking near the Sunset Strip, drinking and singing about Night Train helped inspire Axl Rose‘s lyrics.

Slash recalls writing Guns n’ Roses’ “Nightrain.”
Slash pic courtesy – Randi Scott

Izzy and I started working on the [sings] kind of thing and then moved on to the verses. And I remember I got really sick with strep throat and was down at this chick’s house, staying there in bed. And then Duff and him carried on from there and then I came in two days later and we finished off the song. I do remember walking around, singing the lyrics to that on Holloway. And I remember we were drinking Night Train and singing about Night Train and I think that’s what influenced Axl’s lyric.”

Tie-In: Slash was born on July 23rd, 1965.

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pic courtesy Randi Scott