Randi’s Rock Report: Hear Slash Discuss “Live & Let Die” as Trump’s Not Letting it Die…

randi rose

Axl Rose has never held his tongue about his distaste for President Trump. So expect some more noise soon. This past May, after the Guns n’ Roses rendition of Paul McCartney‘s “Live and Let Die” was played during Trump’s visit to the Honeywell factory in Phoenix to witness the production of anti-COVID-19 N95 masks, GnR came out with a T-shirt mocking the Commander in Chief.

Printed on the black T-shirt in their signature yellow, red and green lettering is  “Live n’ Let Die With COVID 45.” Trump is our 45th president. 100 percent of the net proceeds from the sale of the shirt went to MusiCares Coronavirus Relief Fund.

Slash on how Guns n’ Roses’ cover of Wings’ “Live and Let Die” came out of a conversation with Axl Rose about songs they both liked. OC:…basically it.

“’[Knockin’ on] Heaven’s Door’ was one of those and then ‘Live and Let Die’ came up and that was a song that I always really dug. And I don’t know how the conversation came to be, but me and Axl were both talking about ‘Live and Let Die’ and so went and pursued that particular track when we were doing the ‘Use Your Illusion’ records. And I really relished doing it just raw with guitars. And that was basically it.”

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