Randi’s Rock Report: John Lennon: Sons & Friends Remember – Paul Shares “Just Fun”…

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John Lennon would have turned 80 today October 9th. In celebration, his son Sean — who turns 45 on Friday — hosted a two-part show on his father this past weekend on BBC Radio. John Lennon at 80 featured interviews with Sean’s stepbrother Julian Lennon, Sean’s godfather Elton John, and Paul McCartney.

Paul McCartney playing part of an abandoned Lennon and McCartney song, “Just Fun,” on John Lennon at 80 on BBC Radio 2.

Elton talked about recording with John; having him as his special guest at Madison Square Garden in 1974, which was the night John reconciled with Yoko; and how he is needed in today’s society — even saying he could see him winning a Nobel Peace Prize. Julian talked about recording with his dad; John playing songs off of Double Fantasy to him over the phone; and the pressure of having John Lennon as their father.

And Paul was the final guest, recalling how they met, their teenage years, and telling Sean about what a nice woman how grandmother Julia was. Sean and Paul also discussed songwriting and Paul played part of “Just Fun,” a song they wrote but The Beatles never recorded because it wasn’t very good.

John Lennon at 80 is available to stream through the end of the month on the BBC Radio 2 website.

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