Randi’s Rock Report: Jon Bon Jovi Discusses Life on the Other Side of the Pandemic…

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Jon Bon Jovi is all too familiar with the coronavirus.

His son Jake had a mild case, and two of his Bon Jovi bandmates, including keyboardist David Bryan had more serious cases. But Jon is optimistic that we will come out of this for the better.

Jon Bon Jovi on life on the other side of the pandemic.

“This is like a bad science fiction movie, you know, and it’s the new normal as they say. But on the other hand, as tragic as it’s been for the class of 2020, you know, those poor kids that won’t graduate the way we did traditionally, I think that innovation will come out of it. I think cooperation’s gonna come out of it. I think change is coming. And hopefully, ’cause I like to be an optimist, things will be for the better. But, you know, you’re still saying prayers for the ones we lost and very aware of those whose jobs have been upended as we all try to figure out what is tomorrow.”

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Jon and Bon Jovi were scheduled to be on tour this summer in support of their new album, 2020, which has been pushed back to October 2nd.