Randi’s Rock Report: Keith Richards Shares “Satisfaction”!

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According to Bill Wyman, the guys who wrote “Satisfaction,” Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, weren’t sold on it being hit single material at the time. If that’s so, Richards has certainly changed his tune after playing it live for decades. 

Keith Richards on the timelessness of “Satisfaction” in live performance.

“I can play ‘Satisfaction’ today, or tomorrow, and still find new stuff in there and little nuances. And the way to play it with these guys is important because we never play it the same twice. In a way, it’s kind of jazz, but it’s a very – I hate to put labels on any kind of music, you know, to me it’s all music – but there’s a lot of improvisation going on because it leads you to that.”

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On August 21st, 1965, The Rolling Stones got their first number-one album in America with Out of Our Heads, featuring “Satisfaction.”