Randi’s Rock Report: Led Zep’s “Ten Years Gone” Hear Black Crowes Guitarist Rich Robinson Reflect on Working with Jimmy Page…


Although Led Zeppelin never released “Ten Years Gone” as a radio track, it was one of the featured cuts on Jimmy Page and The Black Crowes’ 1999 Live at the Greek album. Black Crowes guitarist Rich Robinson credits drummer Steve Gorman with helping to get it into their repertoire for that tour.

Black Crowes guitarist Rich Robinson on playing Led Zeppelin’s “Ten Years Gone” when they toured with Jimmy Page.

“Jimmy was like, ‘You guys choose which songs you want.’ It wasn’t like, ‘We’re gonna go for “Stairway to Heaven.”‘ Y’know, it wasn’t any of that. He was like, ‘What songs do you want to do?’ and, like, ‘We want to do some stuff that maybe wasn’t played that often — “Ten Years Gone,” “Sick Again,” “Custard Pie,”‘ ’cause Physical Graffiti was one of my favorites. Just to learn those songs and pick them apart and when that band kicks in on [sings riff]. And [drummer] Steve [Gorman] was killing it. That was something that he wanted to do and I think he really accomplished it.”

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