Randi’s Rock Report: Mick & Keith Discuss Plans to Keep Merrily Rolling Along…

Randi Scott Middays Kslx

Mick Jagger has always tossed aside questions about retiring and whether or not the next Rolling Stones tour will be their last. But now, he says he “really can’t imagine doing anything else.” And Keith just wants to see how long they can keep it going. The Stones will be marking their 60th anniversary in 2022. Keith says, “I hope we’re all there, man… It’s something to look forward to.”

Keith Richards on the longevity of the Stones.

“Nobody ever expected anything like this, I mean, especially in those days a band, it was lucky to live two or three years and you hoped for a good time and that was that, you know.”

The Stones were scheduled to be on the road again this year with a U.S. stadium tour, but the pandemic put a stop to that. However, Jagger says he’s hopeful they will be able to reschedule the tour. Then he said, “We might be playing to very few people [if social distancing protocols are still in place]… Even though we might be lucky enough to have sold tickets, we might not be able to play to them all at once.”

Keith seems hopeful for change, he says, “I hope, like everybody else, there’s a very good vaccine as soon as possible… And a change of regime wouldn’t be bad. Let’s leave it at that, man.”

Keith Richards on life during the pandemic.

“We’re just hunkering down. It’s Alice in Wonderland really here. I’m keeping my head down and see what happens.”

With their No Filter tour on hold, Mick and Keith continue to work on songs for a new Stones album. Keith says, “I think we have five, six or seven tracks we’ve slowly been putting together… Right now, seeing if this [pandemic’s] going to go on, maybe we should think about putting them out in another way.”

Until then, they’ve released a deluxe reissue of 1973’s Goats Head Soup

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