Randi’s Rock Report: New Ozzy Osbourne! Hear Ozzy Discuss “Crazy Train” & Watch His New Video…

Sunday will mark the 40th anniversary of the England release of Ozzy Osbourne‘s first album, Blizzard of Ozz — and to celebrate he’ll be dropping a digital edition today!

Blizzard of Ozz wasn’t released in America until six months later, on March 27th, 1981, but the project has hits that charted everywhere, “Crazy Train” and “Mr. Crowley.” It’s also known to have been certified five-times platinum and still remains his bestselling album.

Ozzy Osbourne on how important to him it was that people liked “Crazy Train.”

“It was the best feeling I ever had, because after getting fired from Sabbath I was really depressed for a long, long time and I knew ‘Crazy Train’ and ‘I Don’t Know’ were winners. They were the two real strongest tracks on the album for me, for a rock thing. When you write a good song, you don’t know whether anybody else is going to like it. I mean, everybody writes songs that they think are great, but not everybody likes them. So it’s such a nice thing when everybody out there picks up to them, you know.”

There’s a new video for “Crazy Train” for the 40th anniversary of Ozzy Osbourne‘s Blizzard of Ozz. This is animated and features black and white drawings of Ozzy plus his Blizzard of Ozz-era band.

The expanded edition of the album will have the original nine tracks, and 10 bonus tracks — available all digital streaming services. Also, on the same day, there will be reissues of two concert videos — 1993’s Live & Loud and 2002’s Live at Budokan.

Randi’s Rock Report: Music News Feature

40th anniversary edition of Blizzard of Ozz:

  1. “I Don’t Know”
  2. “Crazy Train”
  3. “Goodbye to Romance”
  4. “Dee”
  5. “Suicide Solution”
  6. “Mr. Crowley”
  7. “No Bone Movies”
  8. “Revelation (Mother Earth)”
  9. “Steal Away (The Night)”
  10. “You Looking at Me, Looking at You” (B-side to “Crazy Train”)
  11. “Goodbye to Romance” (2010 Guitar & Vocal Mix)
  12. “RR” (outtake from Blizzard of Ozz sessions)
  13. “I Don’t Know” (live)
  14. “Crazy Train” (live)
  15. “Mr. Crowley” (live)
  16. “Revelation” (Mother Earth) (live)
  17. “Steal Away” (The Night) (live)
  18. “Suicide Solution” (live)
  19. “You Said It All” (live)

Live & Loud video track listing:

  1. “I Don’t Want To Change The World”
  2. “Desire”
  3. “Mr. Crowley”
  4. “I Don’t Know”
  5. “Road To Nowhere”
  6. “Flying High Again”
  7. “Paranoid”
  8. “Suicide Solution”
  9. “Goodbye To Romance”
  10. “Shot In The Dark”
  11. “No More Tears”
  12. “Miracle Man”
  13. “War Pigs”
  14. “Bark At The Moon”
  15. “Mama, I’m Coming Home”
  16. “Crazy Train”
  17. “Black Sabbath”
  18. “Changes”

Live at Budokan video track listing:

  1. “I Don’t Know”
  2. “That I Never Had”
  3. “Believer”
  4. “Junkie”
  5. “Mr. Crowley”
  6. “Gets Me Through”
  7. “Suicide Solution”
  8. “No More Tears”
  9. “I Don’t Want to Change the World”
  10. “Road to Nowhere”
  11. “Crazy Train”
  12. “Mama, I’m Coming Home”
  13. “Bark at the Moon”
  14. “Paranoid”