Randi’s Rock Report: Peter Frampton Discusses His Book – “Do You Feel Like I Do?”…


Peter Frampton joined the ranks of iconic artists who have written their memoir with last week’s publication of Do You Feel Like I Do? Frampton says he always wanted to write a book, but after being diagnosed in 2015 with Inclusion Body Myositis (IBM) — a progressive muscle disorder characterized by muscle inflammation, weakness, and atrophy — he made it a priority.

Peter Frampton on his decision to write his memoir, Do You Feel Like I Do?

“My manager was always there reminding me — ‘You remember you said you’d once like to do a book? Is now the time?’ So he definitely gently nudged me in the right direction there, and I just thought it was the appropriate time to do it before I forget anything more. And also, because things were sort of winding down in my touring career and I’d have more time.”

When it came to choosing a title, Frampton turned to his 1973 song, “Do You Feel Like We Do,” changing the “we” to “I.” 

Peter Frampton on why he titled his book Do You Feel Like I Do?

“Even though ‘Show Me the Way,’ ‘Baby, I Love Your Way’ were pop hits from that live album [Frampton Comes Alive], the one that, it’s like an anthem now, is ‘Do You Feel.’ So, it was pretty obvious that that should be the title.”

Frampton doesn’t hold back, writing about his successes and failures in both his career as well as his private life. This includes his time in The Herd and Humble Pie; his meteoric rise following the release of Frampton Comes Alive; being ripped off by his manager Dee Anthony; his failed marriages; his battles with drugs and alcohol; playing in David Bowie‘s band; dealing with his muscular disease; his farewell tour; life during the pandemic and much more.

Peter Frampton on what he wants people to come away with after reading his memoir, Do You Feel Like I Do?

“I think it’s a book that shows that we all have our battles. Either you know someone in your family that’s having a battle — whether it be relationship or health or losing their job. And so I just wanted people to see that when you find yourself in a hole and things look really grim, you got to find the strength to brush yourself off, pick yourself up and move on and see the future as optimistic. And then you will rise up out of that hole and you will continue.”

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