Randi’s Rock Report: Queen’s Brian May – Discusses Working Through Pandemic…

Brian May tells us he’s finally making strides in his recovery from a heart attack in May, which required three stents being put in, not to mention a torn muscle in his backside that compressed his sciatic nerve.

Brian May on setbacks following his heart attack in May of 2020.

“I had a lot of complications and I’ve been out of action and pretty poorly some of the time. But now I can talk about it because I’m really doing very well and doing my cardio rehab, doing my physio therapy and I’m feeling like I’m turning a corner. You know, it’s a massive thing. You don’t realize.”

But even though Brian’s doing his best to get back to normal, he feels that’s going to change again soon.

Brian May on working through the pandemic.

“Here I am now thankful to be alive and thankful for the little bit of freedom that we have following the lockdown here [in England]. I think it may evaporate ’cause it looks like we’re going into another spike now, so we’re all gonna have to kind of lockdown again. But I’ve had some good times these last couple of weeks going back in the studio. [I’m] being very sensible. Wearing the mask, doing the social distancing and we have our little gun to determine people’s temperature when they come. You know, we’re doing everything we can to contain the purity of our bubble here. But it ain’t easy, is it.”

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One of the things Brian’s been working on in the studio is the first Queen + Adam Lambert album and video release, Live Around the World, which will be out on October 2nd.