Randi’s Rock Report: Ronnie Wood Reflects on Optimism & New ROLLING STONES Music…

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Ronnie Wood says he’s doing his best to be optimistic during the pandemic, but admits he’s getting anxious to get back on the road, which is what The Rolling Stones were supposed to be doing this summer.

Ronnie Wood on life during the pandemic. [Courtesy of Sky News]

“We are sort of happily carrying on day by day chores and enjoying our families. But the thing is, there’s got to be a time when somebody sorts out some direction of what we’re gonna do. Somebody’s got to lead this thing.”

The pandemic has also forced the Stones to delay the recording of their next album.

Ronnie Wood on the status of the new Rolling Stones album. [Courtesy of Sky News]

There’s some lovely music on the hob, you know, it’s on the back burner. We’re bringing it towards the front of the hob now, but gradually. The thing is we can’t all get together at the moment to do it. I’ve been working on music. I’ve got a couple of albums ready to go as well. But life is on hold.”

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In addition to music, Ronnie has also been working on his artwork, some of which is on exhibit this month at Ashridge House in Hertfordshire, England.