Randi’s Rock Report: Styx Audio…

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JY shares plans for shows….

Styx have announced tour dates into October, but instead of their usual summer run in amphitheaters, their guitarist James “JY” Young tells us they’re keeping it inside.

Styx guitarist James Young shares show scoop…

Our manager I think is a very wise man. I mean he said you play the amphitheater circuit too many years in a row and it’s like you’re not building your audience anymore. People say, ‘Well, they’re gonna play the same show we saw the last time.’ It’s not gonna be that different so it’s not an incentive for them to come out. So, you know, playing those two-thousand seat theaters, people love going to those shows. It’s very comfortable. It’s very civilized. And I think it sounds better because they’re acoustically just better than your hockey rink. So, we just like to mix it up from year to year and I see the wisdom in that strategy.”