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Randi’s Rock Report: Van Halen – DLR Discusses “Panama” =)

randi van halen

You want to know who or what the “Panama” David Lee Roth is singing about in the song of the same title is? Just ask him! =)

David Lee Roth on what “Panama” he’s singing about in the Van Halen song.

”I’m not sure if we’re going to Panama, if the name of the car is Panama [laughs]. Maybe my sidekick’s name is Panama — that could be right out of a Hopalong Cassidy [laughs]. Is it a car? Is it a girl? Or is the girl in the car and they’re going to a place called [stops]. So you’ve got to use your own filthy little imagination.”

Tie-in: On January 5th, 2012, Van Halen announced that they’d tour North America later that year with David Lee Roth as frontman.


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