Randi’s Rock Report: Van Halen – Home City Discussing Official Memorial…

A memorial to Eddie Van Halen might be established in Pasadena, California, the city where Van Halen got their start in the mid-1970s. Pasadena Now reports that ideas for a memorial will be discussed during a city council meeting on Monday night. Two Van Halen fans, Randa Schmalfeld and Julie Kimura, raised more than $5000 via GoFundMe to get a street or alley named for the guitarist, who died on October 6th. 

Schmalfeld tells Pasadena Now, “We envision a place where fans can forever honor and celebrate the brilliance of Eddie Van Halen and the phenomenal success of Pasadena’s hometown band. The overwhelmingly positive response to our campaign demonstrates the desire of our community to honor Eddie and his bandmates.”

Impromptu memorials popped up in two places in Pasadena after Van Halen’s death — one at his childhood home on Las Lunas Street and another on Allen Avenue, where the Van Halen brothers scratched the band’s name into the wet cement of a sidewalk when they were teenagers.

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