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Re-enter Dave? Mustaine is “hoping” he and James Hetfield can “write together again”

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Megadeth‘s Dave Mustaine hasn’t been in Metallica for nearly 40 years, but he’s leaving the door open to work with James Hetfield again.

In an interview with site VWMusic, Mustaine shares that he’s been “secretly hoping” that he and the “Enter Sandman” rocker might be able to “write together again.”

“I think the world really does want us to do that, and I think there is a pretty good possibility of it happening down the line,” Mustaine says. “I do think that it’s possible that one day James is going to come around and that he and I are going to be able to do something together again.”

“I guess that’s one of the things that has always kept me pushing forward,” he adds. “I think it’d be good for Megadeth, and it could be great for Metallica too.”

Mustaine was famously fired from Metallica in 1983 and replaced by Kirk Hammett, who remains the band’s guitarist today. Following his dismissal, Mustaine went on to create Megadeth.

Megadeth, meanwhile, just released a new album called The Sick, the Dying…and the Dead! in September.

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