LED ZEPPELIN: Another Sneak Peek at Reissues  




Led Zeppelin have leaked two more songs from the upcoming reissues of their first three albums. They are a 1970 version of the blues classic “Keys to the Highway” and an early version of “Whole Lotta Love.”

Jimmy Page, who oversaw these reissues, says the classic music, especially the bonus material, “deserves to be heard” because “it’s performance art.” On listening back to the early version of “Whole Lotta Love,” Robert Plant says, “From a vocal standpoint, I was using a different personality and I was leaning very heavily on [Humble Pie’s] Steve Marriott, who was probably the best expressive singer of the time.”

The first three albums in the complete catalog reissue series, Led Zeppelin I, II and III, will be out on June 3rd.

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