David Bowie has announced that he will be participating in Record Store Day on April 18th with two special releases.

The first is Side By Side, a limited edition white/clear vinyl seven-inch single of “Kingdom Come.” One side features the original Tom Verlaine version and the other has Bowie’s rendition from his Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) album.

Bowie’s second release is a seven-inch picture disc version of his 1972 song, “Changes.” The B-side, which in this case is being called the AA-side, is “Eight Line Poem (GEM Promo Version),” which is making its official debut. In August 971, Bowie’s management had a small run of promo LPs made to secure him and another of its acts, Dana Gillespie, a record deal. This promo album, featuring seven songs by Bowie on side A and five by Gillespie on the reverse, is often referred to as the GEM Promo, a reference to GEM Records, the company that pressed the album.