LED ZEPPELIN: Dr. Jimmy Reflects on Honorary Doctorate  




Jimmy Page says he had a speech prepared for last Saturday when he received an Honorary Doctorate from the Berklee College of Music in Boston. But after watching the students perform his music at a concert the night before, he decided to chuck it and speak from the heart.

“I hope it made sense what I said because I was really trying to say I am self taught, but I had to take on the role of reading music… But also, the fact that [if] you have your own character in music and your own personality in music and you’re lucky enough to find that you can be able to write a few things, then that is so important to nourish and cherish as well.”

Page is now back in London after the trip to Boston followed by numerous press events in New York this week in advance of the June 3rd release of the first three Led Zeppelin albums with bonus tracks.

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