Regional Casinos Give Aging Rockers A Cool Chance

Or they used to. It happened last summer and we most definitely expect similar opportunities to be created for these very special performers. The KC & the Sunshine Band’s summer concert tour made half of its 23 stops at casinos and lead singer Harry Wayne Casey enjoyed each and every one of the facilities. He is best known for his disco-era hit “(Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty” and he did just that around the blackjack tables, while striving to keep his losses below the level of his performance fees!

How Are Popular Artists And Casinos Related?

Iowa enjoys the freedom of legalized riverboat gambling since the year 1988, so it is easy to understand why there is a busy conglomerate of Vegas style casinos here. And where there’s gambling, there’s always music, a couple of stages, and artists entertaining the audience. So local bands here and all other states where gambling is legal are able to offer a nice living to musicians there. And this is also good for the fans curious about seeing live artists perform. And if we’re talking about popular singers or bands that have retired or stopped producing new songs a few years back because of the public’s decreased interest for their music ad increase interest for new beats, the joy is even greater. The sad reality is artists have stopped making money selling their music when YouTube is the main go-to place for people looking to listen too entire albums or new songs launched by artists. This is why it is not uncommon to find artists touring or sporadically playing in casinos around the country – and even see some of them trying their luck at the poker or blackjack table.

How Do Artists Make a Fair Extra Buck?

Online casinos like the ones you can find here make for excellent choices as well, since they are extremely easy to access form home or while on the concert tour bus. They can be used for still practicing purposes, especially when they provide visitors with reviews for the hottest online casinos and tips and video tutorials on how to improve their game. While all the money is in touring, playing the casino makes for a well-inspired means of rounding artists’ wins, especially when they are particularly passionate about gambling.

According to the Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority, the relation between casinos and artists – especially names like Alice Cooper or Motley Crue is one of the best and most proficient. Remember the days when Tom Jones used to go to Sin City and throw the best concerts and shows ever? Think of these music tours like something similar – you should do to Las Vegas and see the madness going out night after night there, with old and new music industry giants throwing fantastic performances keeping gamblers happy! There are also many casino resorts that choose to reserve a certain percentage of their tickets to high rollers as special perks and tokens. Finally, there are also plenty of reputable online casinos giving away tickets to spectacular concerts and shows for their most loyal players as well.