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Report: U2's Bono almost finished writing memoir

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Bono is close to completing a new memoir that’s the product of an international publishing deal the U2 frontman signed with Penguin Random House, The Sunday Times of London reports.

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame group’s former manager, Paul McGuinness, says he helped negotiate the deal for the book, which will be the first individual autobiography penned by a U2 member.

According to the newspaper, Bono’s memoir was supposed to have been finished by the middle of 2019, but McGuinness says the singer is still working on it. Bono’s believed to be penning the book without help from a co-author.

In 2005, an oral history titled U2 by U2 was published that featured interviews with all four band members and McGuinness in collaboration with their friend, music journalist Neil McCormack.

While promoting U2 by U2 in 2006, Bono told the BBC that he didn’t enjoy reflecting on his life and the band’s career.

“I hate it. It’s like pulling teeth,” he said. “I’m much more interested in the future than the past. But this year we thought it was time to take a deep breath, accept we’ve done some interesting stuff, wrap it up in a bow and put it out there.”

As for McGuinness, he says he’s not planning to share his own life story in a book.

“A lot of what people would be interested in hearing is actually private. The relationship between five men working together for nearly 40 years was very intimate and private,” he tells The Sunday Times. “I certainly don’t have [a memoir] in the works…but I can change my mind. And I’ll be very interested to see Bono’s.”

No word on when Bono’s book will be released.

By Matt Friedlander
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