ALICE COOPER: No Plans for Retirement… Ever




A busy-as-ever Alice Cooper says, “The R-word is not in my vocabulary. I won’t be retired.”

With the documentary on his career Super Duper Alice Cooper debuting last weekend at New York’s Tribeca Film Festival and being screened tonight (Tuesday) at the Grammy Museum in L.A., the original shock rocker tells The Hollywood Reporter he’s also finishing a covers album and planning both U.S. and North American tours — more than 70 shows the rest of this year alone.

A latecomer to the covers bandwagon, he admits he’s only following what David Bowie, Ozzy Osbourne and many others have tried. “So I finally said why not? We all started as cover bands… even The Beatles. If I’m going to do a covers album, why don’t I get very specific with it and play songs by the guys I used to drink with who died… all my dead drunk friends.” Accordingly, he puts his stamp on a Nilsson song — though he wouldn’t say which one.

The documentary — which comes out on DVD in June — shows Cooper’s success in keeping his personal and professional personas separate. He explains to THR, “When I got sober, I realized Alice and I had to have separate lives. When I was drinking, there was a big gray area, where I didn’t know where Alice ended and I began. Now it’s very easy for me to understand I’m me all the time; the moment I hit the stage and the curtain goes up with the makeup, my posture, voice and attitude changes. I become this arrogant villain, this Moriarty of rock and roll, which is great… We couldn’t be more different. I’ve been married 38 years, never cheated on my wife, have three great kids, go to church every Sunday and bible study on Wednesday mornings. I play golf every day. I coach Little League. Alice on this stage is this horrific thing.”

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