For the longest time Dave Davies had little to no interest in a Kinks reunion, but his tone is changing. In August he said, “I would love to do some form of a Kinks reunion with [my brother] Ray.”

But, he now says nothing is set in stone. “It would be a shame if Ray and I didn’t do something next year. I’m prepared to talk. If Ray’s got some great ideas, let me hear them. I have my own ideas about how it should be presented. But I don’t want it to be a Ray Davies show where he lets his little brother stand in the corner, which he likes to do. It has to be done properly and respectfully. We have so much great music that goes back so many years. We both want to do something next year.”

But he does have some reservations about touring, saying a “world tour is out of reach. But maybe we record an EP or something and do a few shows. I would love to do something. But there has to be an element of joy involved.”

The Kinks’ last studio album was 1993’s Phobia, and their last show was in 1996. This year marks the 50th anniversary of their breakthrough single, “You Really Got Me.”